• God: Interaction or Intervention

    God: Interaction or Intervention

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What if God and nature are one and the same? That is the basic definition of Pantheism. So what, then, is the definition of Pandeism?

I have heard multiple answers. The Wikipedia answer is that God created the universe and then became the universe, and as a result, God no longer exists as a separate entity. Pantheists do not believe in a personal God, which normally would be a characteristic of Theism. Panentheism and Panendeism are beliefs that God encompasses all of nature but also transcends and extends beyond nature.

Even if the semantics are confusing, quite a number of people share the notion that God created the universe for a purpose, and God may have created the universe and remains connected with it in order to experience that creation. This is an interesting speculation. If God remains connected experiences the creation through us, then we are all connected. God does not seem to manipulate the natural order in supernatural ways. Despite the claims, there is no evidence that God has intervened and interfered with the natural laws. But if God remains connected and experiences the creation through us, it would seem that God does interact with His creation, albeit in natural ways, not in supernatural ways that violate natural physical laws. Does God guide us while interacting? What evidence could there be to support that supposition? 

Still, to a certain extent, such speculation could answer the question of why God created the universe. Bernard Haisch, Ph.D. in The God Theory suggests that "the purpose of life is experience; God wishes to experience life through you." And although I am thoroughly uncertain of what God might wish, Haisch's theory is as good as anyone's.


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