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Rebuilding Positive Deism

I will slowly be rebuilding the Positive Deism website. Please be patient. I will be adding back some of the traditional content along with new articles.

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  1. Robert Reno

    Thank you

  2. Robert Reno

    I’m happy to see you too! 😀

  3. Radarovsky

    Great news!
    How about the PD Forum?


    1. Dave Gaddis

      I think we are going to stick with the Facebook closed group forum for now.

  4. Brad

    This is fantastic. I look forward to being part of this community! 🙂

  5. Aaron


  6. Jason Ball

    I believe this is the website I’ve been trying to track down, not sure. There used to be a sort of “Desit Facebook” type website that alot of the big name Deist I used to follow on YouTube were apart of. This pages Twitter account follows me, so I know I used to be apart of this community either way. Glad to be back, glad to have found you again, and it’s great this website is going to be active again!!!

    1. Dave Gaddis

      Hi Jason….We ended up deprecating that old site. Everyone slowly moved to Facebook and Twitter. This site is more for posting the occasional article about deism or general philosophy. Glad to see you back 🙂

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