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Your God is Too Small If

You god is too small if your god…

…gave you dominion over all other creatures;

…revealed itself only to a special few;

…is white, black, or any other race;

…sanctions barbarism of any kind against other sentient beings;

…cares about your sexuality;

…authored its own holy book;

…gets offended;

…has chosen people;

…is a jealous god; or,

…supports your country, political party, religion, or opinion over any others.

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  1. Tony

    ‘Your God is Too Small’ is the title of a book written by J B Phillips in 1953.
    Google will find J B Phillips for you.

  2. MJBrickey

    There God is the same as ours. The issue is that their God, our God, is bigger than any of our understanding. Unfortunately, they do not yet understand that and — because we want to scoop things up to examine them better, we box them up to better wrap our minds around what is actually unmeasurable and unfathomable. With the box, we set limits — only in our tiny human minds — for a limitless God.

  3. MJBrickey

    Whoops their*** God.

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