Positive Deism holds three principles paramount:

  • We believe that God exists based on reflective reason, personal experience, and observation of nature.
  • We believe that fellowship, community, and mutual respect are essential components of life. And our most important human characteristic is our capacity to love.
  • We believe our principles should evolve with societal progress and our knowledge of the universe.

We are further guided by these principles (not listed in priority order):

  • We believe everything we need to know of God can be found in the universe itself.
  • We do not believe God acts in the universe in ways that contradict natural law, but do not deny the possibility.
  • We believe that human beings are capable of having profound experiences of God, but hold that such personal revelations are true only for themselves.
  • We believe in the intrinsic value of life and advocate honesty, prudence, compassion, and justice in our dealings with one another.
  • We believe people should be free in all aspects of their lives, provided they do not disturb the peace, happiness, or safety of society.
  • We encourage all to advance the human condition within their personal capacity to do so. However, we believe religion should be separate from government and neither this nor any Deist principle should be used to justify political positions or causes.
  • We believe that religion is a personal matter guided by the dictates of conscience. We do not advocate efforts to convert people to Deism, but instead endeavor to promote Deism and educate those who are interested.